Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watch Dogs 1080p on PS4, 960p on Xbox One (both 30 FPS). Up to 4K on PC.

Ubisoft have revealed during their Watch Dogs press conference that the game will run on the following resolutions and framerate for next gen systems:
  • PS4: 1080p/30fps
  • Xbox One: 960p/30fps
  • PC: up to 4K/framerate varies
Needless to say the PC version will be the ultimate version as Ubisoft partnered with Nvidia to take advantage of cool features such as ambient occlusion. Of course when it comes to PC the framerate will depend a lot on GPU though chances are if the game is running on a GTX you should be able to get 60 fps on 1080p. 


Just drop this jack has left the building

I will get the Xbox one version regardless of the resolution. Ryse @ 900p looks just as good as Crysis 3 @1080p on my gaming PC. Thief had the visual edge on Xbox One according to eurogamer and that had a lower res too. So I suppose it will look almost identical on both. Also the reason why I am not getting it on my PC is because I have more friends who I want to play this game with on Xbox one.

I can't wait for games on X1 being only 1040p while Ps4 is 1080p & having people loose their shit still on something they will be able to only tell the difference if they cram their fat head against the TV.

4K O.o

Nobody will be able to run it at 4K with graphics on max

@Thomas Sørensen,

Many people will be able to run 4K easily with graphics maxed. They just might be stuck at 1FPS.

If you are referring to 30FPS, then I'm sure those who have some beefy setup like four 780Ti's in Quad-SLI could probably pull it off.

Why is this such a big deal. They need to make it in 720p so it's more FAIR to us Xbone owners.That way they could also make it 60FPS and it would be good for everyone. Playstation is paying companies to make games worse on XBone just so it looks like a bad system. We paid MORE for our Xbone than you poor people paid for PS4, and we should be the ones with good graphics, not PS4.

Lol, skeetys your an idiot if you think those points are true. Your the moron for buying the more expensive piece of junk.

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Quite positive Skeetys is being sarcastic by the tone.

Bored of it now I have both some game will look better on xb1 and some better on ps 4 but at end of day it all comes down to ya tv.

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This is funny,..the PS4 @ 1080p and the Xbox One @ 960p running 30fps!? Why not run both of them @ 720p 60fps!?!

Stop with the jealous, no-one can run this at 4k crap. I honestly can see why ppl get consoles, its good gaming for cheap, and not much setup required! I'm a pc gamer because I only want cutting edge, my 3way 780ti classifies will waste this game at 4k, that's what it's made to do. At the end of the day anyone who plays at 4k has a killer rig, there's no playing at 4k with 30fps, that's idiotic. There's 1660p and 1440p above 1080 much more affordable on pc.

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