Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to play using a Gamcube controller on the Wii U

Hate playing Smash brothers with a Wii mote? Well good news. It's now virtually possible to play Wii U/Wii with the legendary Gamecube controller. In the video I demonstrate how you can do this using the Mayflash Wii to GC adapter.

Some things you gotta note is the layout may not work properly for some games. For example, in Call of Duty I couldn't shoot. You see this adapter works by tricking the Wiimote into thinking you're using a Classic Controller and because of that it tends to lose some features such as vibration. Regardless, it's still great for gamers who are eager to play the next smash brothers with a controller they all know and love.

A sample layout
The May flash adapter for Wii/WiiU can easily be found in Ebay or Amazon. Keep living the GC dream! 


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