Thursday, January 3, 2013

This might be the closest thing we’ll get to playing Mega Man Legends 3

While Mega Man Legends 3 has been cancelled for some time, one thing that has always frustrated me (more than the cancellation) is the prototype. It’s done, sitting on someone’s PC, and waiting to be played. Oh, life. You can be a real jerk sometimes. Well, if you’re like me and dreams of one day playing it, then I got something to chin you up.

Two Legends fanatics recreated the Servbot roundup mission from the Prototype footage and damn it looks…good. According to the creators, fAB & Blyka, managed to create it this in Unity in one day. Yes, one freaking day. Admittedly the first version clearly looked like rushed job but the recently released one looks impressive. I mean despite the stiff to zero animation they really nailed the character models, and heck even the environment.
Nice job, considering it was based off hazy camera footage.
The best part is you can play this game right now, in your browser, for free! Enjoy it while you can guys. At this rate the fans will remake the entire game before Capcom does anything. Seriously, yo. 


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