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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DOA Games Set to Create F2P MMO Portal in the MENA Region

MMO games are big! Not only in their scale, but in their ambition as well. To date it is probably the most popular genre the gaming industry has ever seen bridging together both online and role playing to giving us gamers the closest experience to being in a virtual world. Look no further than China and South Korea (biggest demographic of gamers) to see how big the trend is there.

While we, in the Arab or MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, are still growing it has come to my attention that a company based in both in Dubai and Turkey have decided to take on the mantle to create an actual MMO portal (gasp!).

A company called DOA Games will be licensing from leading global studios (such as ZQGame from China)  to provide gamers in our region high quality free-to-play MMO titles. The best part is those titles will be localized in English, Arabic, and Turkish. If you don't feel convinced then maybe this trailer will sway your thoughts.

“We are excited to have The Lost Titans within our portfolio, enhancing DAO Games position as provider of leading innovative titles for the MENA and Turkey regions,” says Peter Kwisthout, CEO of DAO Games“The Lost Titans will engage players with a fast-paced dungeon crawling experience where its high quality visuals along with fun game-play will appeal to both casual and hardcore players. We are confident the release of the game will quench the thirst of our regional gaming communities looking for a new level of MMO experience.
I have to say, for a free-to-play MMO title in our region, that doesn't look bad at all. If you're intereted in signing up for the BETA then make sure head over to this link:

Now what interests me more is the fact that the company has created an actual MMO portal called Nova Worlds (think of it like where users will be able to participate in not only The Lost Titans but other MMO titles as well.

While it's pretty clear that DOA Games are still fresh on the block I can feel they're starting off on the right foot. Currently free-to-play games are getting a lot of attention and for it be localized in our territory would definitely give it the edge it needs to compete. However, the fact they are dealing with MMO titles means they will definitely have a huge challenge ahead of them. I guess they want to go with the "Go Big or Go Home" strategy. I'm down with that. 

The Journey to Interview Hideo Kojima

Hello? You must be wondering what this is doing here so late.

You see, prior to my interview with Hideo Kojima, I initially had a plan to vblog my entire journey with the climax being the interview itself. Unfortunately Konami denied us (the press) the video interview on us on the last minute which kinda scrambled my entire project.

So what I present you today is the remaining footage I have mixed with a summary of my written interview. Wished it could have been what I imagined but, well, that’s how she crumbles…

Meet Nadine Njeim, Lara Croft's Official Arabic voice actress

Great news for us Arab gamers. Square Enix has officially announced that its upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will be fully localized in Arabic which includes voice acting as well. Ya salam! To make it even more interesting they will bringing in Miss Lebanon 2007's, Nadine Njeim. Check out Region 2's official interview below to get an idea of how Lara will sound like in Arabic

Now for those you who have no idea what she just said, well, no worries. I'll give you all the gist of it. During the interview she stressed how happy and excited it was to represent Lara Croft--"a legacy" as she put it that will live on in history. More than that, she is proud to be representing the Arab region and made it pretty clear that this was something she wanted to do open heartedly. Seeing as how this was her first attempt at VO it was a bit awkward for her especially when doing grunt noises. Nadine is also a PC gamer (yay!) that has enjoyed multiple rounds of C&C Generals.

It's time like these that make really make me feel positive for the future. While these steps may seem small they can end up creating huge ripples that will inevitably lead to the growth of the gaming industry in the region. Now, that's something I fully support. Good luck, Nadine and here's hoping this starts a trend.

Huge thanks to Region 2 for sharing the interview.   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Unearthed Gets a Greenlight Page

The third person action adventure game, Unearthed Trials of Ibn Battuta from Semaphore, seems to have made the jump to Steam's Greenlight jungle. While we've long heard about this game, it seems to finally be reaching gold status. According to its Greenlight page the game will be episodic and will be taking place all over the Middle East from Morrocco to the Atlas mountains in search of Ibn Battuta's hidden secrets. The game will also be featuring multiple language set ups such as Arabic and English with subs ranging from Hindi to Korean. Make sure to support it if you wanna see it on the best PC online gaming market.

English Trailer

Arabic Trailer

While it does seem to be rough around the edges, it certainly is a big step up from when we first saw the game. Even its main theme song sounds AAA worthy. Semaphore certainly has a huge challenge ahead of them and if they manage to pull this off right it will be a huge, for not only them, but for the entire Arab gaming industry. Good luck, guys. Make us proud.

Unearthed Episode 1 will be available for PC/MAC in early 2013 with XBLA/PSN/Android/iOS ports following soon afterwards

DMC: Devil May Cry (PC) Review - Update

Ever since its inception, Ninja Theory’s DMC has always had a steep mountain to climb. Pulling off a Reboot by dramatically changing one of gaming most iconic characters wasn’t exactly a cake walk. Needless to say fans and were mostly opposing the idea of having this game even exist. But that’s a different story. With this review I will talk about the end product—the result of months of pressure from both its customers (fans) and development cycle. Was it worth it in the end? Hell yes! 

Stranger than fiction

If there is one thing Ninja Theory is professional at is telling a good story. I knew the moment I saw the logo I was in for good writing, more fleshed out characters, and a sense of engagement that would make me want to see the game to its end. True that this Dante and Vergil barely stand up in comparison but that’s why it’s called a reboot—a new beginning that still manages to capture the essence of the original. In terms of that I think DMC managed to keep its soul intact with Dante being the wild one and Vergil being calmer. As for the other characters, well they’re new and we’re willing to give them a chance.

DMC’s story is centered around a young Dante: A Nephilim (half angel, half demon) who has the ability to step into the world of Limbo (a parallel dimension) and fend of demons using his trusty Sword, the Rebellion, and his Twin guns, Ebony and Ivory. One day he wakes up with Kat (a young female witch who can see the world Limbo) at his door requesting to join the order with his brother, Vergil, and stop the evil demon king, Mundus, who has long imprisoned the humans using Limbo.  Along the way Dante will learn more about his origins and his overall purpose. The plot is overall more engaging than its predecessor that has a Batman Begins feel to it with self-discovery and retribution being the primary themes. It also tends to keep a steady balance between ridiculous and believable. Of course the plot is overall ridiculous but the characters manage to show both their strength and weakness. Kat, who is the only main human character, does a good job of playing the supportive role. At certain points you even sympathize for Mundus, despite his evil intentions. The only gripe I would have with is Vergil. Despite being shown as a leader to an organization, he barely does any rational thinking and is hardly seen actually doing anything. Heck, he doesn’t even draw his sword until the last few segments of the game.

Now let’s talk about Dante. Young, wild, and not giving two thoughts about what he does. Let it be known that this is not the Dante fans are used to. In comparison old Dante can be seen as a fine smooth cigar while this one is a crumpled up cigarette found underneath the basement couch. At first I thought his new rebellious youth attitude would put me off but it eventually ended up doing the opposite. In the end I couldn’t help but root for this guy with his overall loud dirty mouth being an amplifier for my more crazy side (the crazy one would be). He is by far nowhere near as bad as people made him out to be and should definitely be given a chance.   

Poetry in motion

Let’s face it, when it comes to story DMC isn’t really its selling point. Case and point: DMC 2. Sure it has its highlights such as the battle between Vergil and Dante in DMC 3. But it isn’t until we actually started playing it do we realize why we love DMC so much. Gameplay is key and definitely a deal breaker for many.

Just like its story, the gameplay has also been tweaked heavily. Certain combos have changed to be more adaptable and friendly. Weapons are now equipped by holding down triggers and while it does make your combos have more variety the idea of keeping your finger held while pressing a combination of buttons can sometimes distract you and make you do mistakes. As for the guns, well, they kinda work the way you expect them. The overall difficulty has also been toned down. Despite playing on medium I was able to land SSS ranks for doing the least challenging combos. Of course that’s not say the game is a button masher. Lots of enemies will require you to pull off different strategies to defeat them with dodging playing a vital role with the bigger adversaries. The game basically doesn’t want you to relay on the same strategy and expects to learn how to use your weapons. Of course if you always feel like you’re under pressure, you can rely on the Devil Trigger which suspends your enemies in the air as you lay waste. The only problem with that is that it forces you to do midair combos which can be a bit frustrating. It also charges rather quickly when fighting enemies and to make it even easier, it recharges your health. Upgrading is also done in a much more linear fashion as you buy them using white orbs from fallen enemies along with red (to buy items), green (healing), and purple orbs (refills your devil trigger).

Another key element to DMC is platforming and you can bet this reboot has plenty of it. Floating pieces of land, double jumping, and even hookshots all blend well. The game also managed to strike a balance to give players a good dose of fighting an exploration. Those who explore its levels are also rewarded by finding hidden keys which are then used to unlock hidden missions. These missions are varied that involve time attack modes such as survival and reaching the goal in time.

Depending on your difficulty or how much you wish to explore, the game lasts roughly around 6-8 hours. Of course replay value plays a key role as you will be revisiting levels with different weapons and abilities to unlock more secrets. A free coliseum DLC mode was announced but unfortunately I could not try it out since it didn’t arrive yet.

One of the many beautiful vistas in DMC
The visuals in DMC are truly a sight to behold. Many have argued and said that DMC 4’s clean and pristine atheistic looks better but I would have to disagree. While those worlds look beautiful in their own regard none come close to the living breathing world of Limbo. Rather than just creating level assets, Ninja Theory went and created a living and breathing world. Cracking buildings, human shadows from the other side, and animating text truly sets it apart from any game in the genre. The audio also does a good job of making that world feel more alive by adding ambient music when exploring and heavy metal when encountering enemies.

Last bit of advice…get the PC version

If you ever had choice, the PC port is a no brainer. At first I was a bit skeptical. Knowing that this was Ninja Theory’s first PC port I honestly had my doubts. Thankfully they managed to pull it off well. Not only because it supports full HD resolution with HD textures but because, most importantly, it manages to amp up frame rate to 60. Now why is that such a big deal? You see frame rate matters a lot when it comes to hack n slash games. The response time ends up feeling more natural and gives a player a slight edge over their opponent. Why else do we see Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat, and Ninja Gaiden run at that frame rate? It’s because those games rely on a combo system and by definition require quick response time. True, that there are a ton of other hack n slash games that run fine at 30 FPS (with the DMC console version being one of them) but if you really want to experience DMC for what it really is then the PC version is the way to go. Oh, of course the game supports gamepad option with the 360 being my personal recommendation.

Final Say

DMC really pulled the rug under my feet. My impressions from the demo were lukewarm at best and didn't really give me a positive feeling. Thankfully the end results is a huge pay off and a good start to a new beginning. Even if you were never a DMC fan, this game is truly one of the best hack n slash titles ever made and manages to capitalize what Ninja Theory has to offer. Don’t let your feelings remain in Limbo. This is Devil May Cry reborn.


I wish to thank Pluto Games for sending me a review copy. 


I forgot to mention one key feature that was lacking. There is no hard lock on and while in the beginning it's not a big deal it does later on get annoying when dealing with hordes of enemies. Regardless this does not alter my final score. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wind Waker Getting remade in HD! All is right with the world

Nintendo have announced that they will be remaking the GameCube classic, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, in HD for the Wii U. Hot damn! Keep in mind this is a remake not an HD upscale meaning that all assets will be remade  to look better on the new system. Aside from that the game will also feature the ability to be played entirely on the Wii U gamepad and will most likely take advantage of other features. No word if this will include new dungeons but here's hoping the game runs at a butter smooth 60 FPS.

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is till now my favorite one in the series. It's bright charming visuals, story, and exploration is something that is unseen even in today's games. Due to its harsh criticism  from fans, I honestly thought they would never go back to the cell shaded roots. Hurray for Wind Waker fans! (Sorry Majoras Mask) 

Best of all Nintendo is dishing this out as an appetizer for this fall until the next big Zelda game comes out. Good news + good news = good times ahead.

Images source
My Nintendo News

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Masters of their own destiny: Bahraini indie game developers kick start their own group

Game development in our region is still in its fetus state. Yet, no one can deny that it isn’t happening. Thanks to the internet many developers are creating content left and right while sitting in their own bedrooms. Tools such as Unity and Unreal aren't just simple “RPG Makers” but are actually game engines with multiple extensions and options that are capable of creating AAA titles. 

In Bahrain, life can get mundane (malal) pretty quickly and a lot of us end up spending our days in front of a monitor, so it was only a matter of time until locals jumped on the indie game dev wagon. Those people have now banded together the form the first official game dev group on the island. 

The first meeting took place at BBIC institute in Muharraq. Ameen Altajer, who kicked off the meeting, wanted everyone to know what they’re getting involved in. Game development was new concept to many of us so that intro was probably the hardest part to pull off—which thankfully Ameen managed to do quite well. He further elaborated by describing his passion towards creating games in Unity while showing some of his work. He believes Untiy has a lot of potentials is a great way to start dipping your toes into game development scene without dealing with its overly complicated aspects.

Following Ameen was yours truly talking about what makes a game fun, unique, and valuable in the eyes of the consumer. In my segment I related a lot to my courses from Uni. One of my most memorable moments in class was learning the difference between a good game and a good game that sells. It’s a thin line but it makes a world of difference. The example I gave was relating killer 7 to Resident Evil 4. 

While both games were amazing, one aimed for a niche market and sold poorly (Killer 7). The other was a well-established IP that attracted both new and old fans alike and sold millions of copies (Resident Evil 4). I also shared some Arabic influenced games and how we should always aim to be unique as opposed to following the mainstream.

Next was Hamad Al Hassan who had a very nice demo running making his presentation probably the most eye catching. His main focus was on the Unreal Engine. While it’s certainly looks more complicated he expressed that it’s a much more powerful engine than Unity and is built for big teams in mind.

If you were wowed by that demo then you should know that wasn't his first attempt at game development. In fact, Hamad has worked for an official game company called Action Mobile Games where he developed the iOS title 2013 Infected Wars. It’s at this point I think everyone felt inspired. An “Arab game developer who actually worked on a game…and sold it?” it was interesting to utter these words and it definitely gave everyone hope. Currently though, Hamad is working as a freelancer with different groups & projects.

The last, but certainly not least, presenter was Nawaf Saeed who began by asking everyone what they do for a living and “If you were part of car, which part would you be?” (I choose wheel, because I like to roll). Honestly though, this had to be the most interesting part of the meeting as it involved everyone—including the listeners. One of them mentioned how they actually quit their job to focus on game development, which was then replied by a round of applause. It’s at that moment we realized the amount of risk it takes. Making games =\= salary of a decent job in the Arab world—at least none that I've heard of. Big risks are involved and if you expect to demo your game to a bunch of investors, well good luck. Nawaf shared his experience of demoing a game in front of investors. They were unimpressed because the graphics didn't look like Mass Effect. Well, that sucks. Of course this didn't discourage him as he is still perusing his dream.

I think that’s where it all comes down to—dreams. They can sometimes us possess to challenge the impossible, even if it comes at the risk of our own way of life. It’s kinda like a double edge sword or something. Certainly though there’s a lot of work to be done from all ends (programmers, investors, designs, etc.) and that’s probably what the group aims to do--to remove that doubt and make us believe that we are capable of creating videogames. As a person who still wishes to excel at Game Development, I am all in with these guys. And if you’re in Bahrain (or close) and want to make games as well then let me know, we’re just getting started.

Click here to check out more pics at my Facebook album. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project X Zone officially coming in English

Stop what your doing right now. Step back and ensure you have a decent amount of leg room. Commence jump up and down like a deranged Chun Li fanatic. Okay, now come back.  In a recent press event, Bandai Namco have announced that they are officially localizing Project X Zone in English. ENGLISH!

If there is one reason why 3DS owners should hate region locking it's this game. The idea of bridging SEGA, Namco, and Capcom characters in one massive strategy game is just too awesome for one part of the world. With Namco X Capcom never being localized, I seriously had my doubts. Well at least now I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I will be playing with Mega Man, Jin, and Akira this summer.

Thanks to Salman for sharing! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

GTA V PC Spotted on Amazon France

GTA V is probably the most anticipated game of the year. Yet, for some odd reason, Rockstar decided not to announce it for PC--a platfrom which is recently gaining a wider audience. Needless to say many were displeased by the decision and began raising complaints and  petitions. Some of them managed to reach over 100,000 signatures. If you're one of those angry then I got some news that may chin you up. It seems Amazon France have revealed that a PC version is in fact in the works.  

Of course there is no guarantee that this is legit. These sort of mistakes happen a lot, but then again it would seem bad on Rockstar if they completely ditched the platform. Whatever it is let's hope they don't delay it too long. I'd hate to buy the game twice. 

Thanks to Wario64 for sharing this. 

I interviewed Hideo Kojima in Dubai

Metal Gear Solid was a topic that would often pop up during high school lunch breaks. It’s one of those rare titles that manage to surprise us and create serious gaming discussions (yes, that’s a thing). “How do you defeat Psycho Mantis?” “I can’t defeat The Pain. I just keep dying” “That MGS 3 ending made me feel all emo”.  The series was a staple and true hallmark that showed games can be similar to movies or even better. Of course none of this would have probably happened had it not been for man in the director seat, Hideo Kojima. His name popped up as well, which was a first among us Arab gamers. Sure there were some big names in the industry already (such as Miyamoto) but none of them came close to Kojima's presence. When “Hideo Kojima” and “game” was mentioned in the same sentenced, people listened. It was the kind of respect rarely scene for a game developer in our region and is probably the first to be taken seriously. He was our Spielberg  Picasso  and Mozart all in one. His vision of turning the gaming industry into the next Hollywood was something we all supported and wanted to see become a reality.

Looking back now I  would have never imagined that I would actually meet Hideo Kojima yet alone interview him one on Dubai. A place that was less than an hour away by flight. When it came to it I had to make some quick decisions with money being a major factor. In the end, however, I chose to attend the event. Because money may come and go but opportunities likes these come rarely. After it all, it was HIDEO FREAKING KOJIMA!!

Hideo Kojima began with an opening speech where he express how happy how happy he was being in Dubai. Following that statement the one on one interviews kicked off. Sadly, right before I began  I was told that they could only be published by text. Oh, well. Not a problem. 

TAG: Hideo Kojima, it’s an honor having you here. Pluto games, Konami, and Kojima productions seem to be really pushing for the industry to grow in the region. The fact that you’re here shows that things are changing. Now regarding the game development scene do you see it as something that will grow here as well? Would a metal gear solid game ever come from this part of the world?

HK: I was always interested in Dubai and the Arab region from 3 years ago and I’m sure the industry is going to grow even bigger. I wanted to come here before others so that I can start creating a good environment and a solid base.

TAG: Okay, so let’s talk about you. Do you play videogames?

HK: [laughs] Not recently

TAG: Ah, so what was the last game you played?

HK: Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to complete it.

TAG: When it comes to developing games what is your main source of inspiration? Like for me, I enjoy listening to music. It helps me be more creative. What about you? What makes you Hideo Kojima?

HK: Things that inspire usually come from the things that stimulate me: Film, music, playing with children, and even drinking coffee--I take all as these as forms of inspiration. All these things give me different inputs and feelings which output to new ideas. Say for example you’re walking down the road. When you turn back the path looks different--it’s giving off a new vibe. It’s all about perspective. And because I take my daily routine into consideration I basically never run out of ideas.

TAG: Okay…that’s good!

[Both of us laugh]

TAG: I noticed when you make your games you love using a lot of cinematics, which I enjoy watching cause they feel engaging—kinda like you’re watching a movie but at the same time playing a game. Do you think with next gen hardware there will more transparency between movies and games? Possibly blending into one new media?

HK: Technology is still growing and evolving. We will eventually reach a stage when gameplay rendering quality will reach to the same standard as movies. Even now we have groups around the world who are using game engines to film movies. But with my game design I’m not just trying to make better cinematics but new gameplays mechanics as well that will make players feel they are playing a movie. I can’t get into the details right now, but hopefully within the next generation you will see what I mean.

TAG: Wow sounds interesting. Can’t wait. Now this next segment is dedicated to my readers/viewers. They have some interesting questions they wanted to ask you. The first question is Metal Gear Rising related. Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 was sort of a family man, he was mainly fighting for Rose and his son. Yet in the latest Metal Gear Rising trailer you see him killing people relentlessly like a mad dog, what happened?

HK: [laughs] Well originally I had planned a story for Raiden. It would take place before the events of MGS 4 and would explain a lot of his story and how he became a cyborg. Then the project was taken over by Platinum Games who then became in charge of Raiden’s character. They wanted to create a story after the events of MGS 4.

TAG: Ah, so they basically made him the crazy Jack we saw in the trailer.

HK: Yea, they wanted to take that direction.

TAG: I see. The next question is who is your favorite MGS villain and why?

HK:  Pyscho Mantis.

TAG: Knew it!

HK: His boss battle just stood so much, especially with his tricks and messing with gamers heads. The infamous Hideo black out got me a lot of complaints but it in the end it was totally worth it. I also wanted a very unique character that would only work in videogames.

TAG: Yea that hideo black really freaked me out. I still remember yelling at my brother for thinking he was switching channels. Alright, the last one is regarding Snake’s next big adventures. Will we see any of them this year?

[both of us pause and laugh]

HK: Well, I can’t be too specific but everything is going on schedule. But while everyone is waiting for those games I recommend you all to play Metal Gear Rising.

TAG: Yea, sure will. Thank you so much for your time Mr. Kojima.

HK: You’re welcome!

Of course I couldn't walk out without getting a nice memento
How was he? Well his bold take on game development and his appeal towards it is something I highly respected.  He always seems to be staring almost as though as he was analyzing me--which probably relates to his inspiration segment. I’d love to think he was getting inspired by me and I’d also love my cat to understand the words of men, so, yea. Although he still relied on a translator I was overall impress by how much English he knows (possibly from all those movies).

Following the interview, I decided to look around and admire Sumeet Aggarwal's hardcore collection which ranged from MGS to ZOE. A lot of his stuff was also signed by Kojima himself (prior to him visiting Dubai) making the collection even more vintage.

Even Kojima was impressed by the collection
Towards the end things got a bit crazy. An Edea inspired belly dancer appeared who began giving Kojima and his entourage quite the fiery show.

And of course it wouldn't be a party without gangnam style!

Pluto Games also made sure I wouldn't leave empty handed so they gave me ye' old goodie bag. It was mostly filled with Metal Gear Rising material with the "cut at will" brochure being the highlight.

The following day Hideo Kojima conducted a fan signature event at Geekay. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the event but from what I've heard people (including Kojima himself) were having a blast.
Hideo Kojima’s attendance in Dubai may seem minute to the west, east, and north (Europe). But to us, this was a big deal. It’s a huge step forward to the gaming industry scene and will hopefully encourage other to follow. 

Click here to check out the Facebook album for pics. I'd also love to give my deepest thanks to Pluto Games for inviting me to the event.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meeting up with Hideo Kojima this Thursday

You heard right, folks. Thanks to Pluto Games, The Arab Gamer is heading to Dubai this Thursday to do a one on one interview with Hideo Kojima. It's going to be phenomenal and I simply can't wait.

To make things more interesting I'm going to let you viewers participate. Let me know what questions you have in mind in the YouTube comments and what you would basically ask the man himself. Of course, I won't guarantee that all questions will be delivered but it's still worth a shot.

Another major note: he is mostly there for Metal Gear Rising so questions related to Metal Gear Ground Zeroes, Phantom Pain, and the MGS Movie will most likely be dodged. Other than that, just sit tight and look forward to the official interview :DDDDDD 

Final Fantasy 6 finally getting remade? (UPDATE)

Square Enix Japan has just updated its website with a teaser showing a date and outlines of sprites that are reminiscent to classic Final Fantasy titles. Rumors are spreading that these sprites are actually based from FF6 which has long been rumored to receive a DS inspired remake.

Teaser site
Final Fantasy 6 Battle - Source
There are multiple reasons why this could potentially be FF6 related. First of all the the red is a clear indication of the FF6 'theme color' (for example, FF 13 was green) and it is the possibly the only classic FF title, aside from 5, to receive a new makeover. True that the GBA version was sort of updated, but let's face it, we want to see some new sprites and hopefully 3D models.

For now though I'd have to toss this in the rumor bucket. For all we know this could be FF6 'the after-years', a new dimensions title, or a mobile port. I just hope it ain't the latter.


Ah, BalzacThe HTML code revealed it to be Final Fantasy All the Bravest for iOS.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Last of Us Demo may be hitting PSN stores prior to release

A recent Tweet by Neil Druckman (Creative Director at Naughty Dog) has revealed the possibility for a demo for The Last of Us hitting prior to release.
I honestly hope its true. I personally felt the E3 gameplay demo was a bit confusing and too scripted (kinda like that Halo 2 one). So hopefully with a playable demo I would be able to set those feelings aside and really know what this game is all about. Just don't let it be a MP demo, please...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pluto Games gets awarded for best game distributor in 2012

Big time game distributors, Pluto Games, have been awarded 2012's best game distributor in the region. The award was given during the annual Tbreak awards where multiple parties attended from both the technological and gaming side.

From left to right: Manish Punjabi (Marketing Manager for Middle East, Turkey and Africa at AMD) handles over the Tbreak 2012 Best Gaming Distributor to Pluto Game’s Rajiv Srivastava (Director of LS2 Pluto)
Among all the distributors, Pluto Games managed to nail it for localizing Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, as well as and hosting the Best Press Launch event with Forza Horizon -- including help from Xbox 360 Gulf.
“We are very happy to receive these two awards, especially the Best Gaming Distributor award.” says Pluto Games’ Director George Stavrinos “Both awards are a recognition of hard work put in by the entire Pluto team. Of course this raises the bar and places a welcome responsibility in our hands to continue in the new year with the same passion and at the same pace.”
Well there you have it. Kudos to Pluto Games for giving us gamers what we all always 2013 seems to be a big year so I hope they and many continue pushing on for the challenges ahead.

Click here if you're interested in seeing the Tbreak Awards 2012 nominees, winners as well as additional information about the show.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Long awaited fan made Sonic movie is live!

After months, and possibly years of planning and worrking, the Sonic the hedgehog fan movie is officially live. While the CG  is well...expected...the premise is actually surprisingly good (at least from my point of view). As a massive Sonic the Hedgehog fan, this pleases me. It's like a dream come true and as the creators poetically put it "the primary purpose of this film is to prove that it can be done."

You can find more awesome photos on their official Facebook Page
There are also some surprising  actors and cameos such as Jaleel White (the original voice actor of Sonic) and this guy.

If you digged this, then make sure to check out their previous fan film--Mega Man.