Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Xbox One features revealed at Comic Con

The guys at IGN have given us some insight on what exclusive features the Xbox One will have in store for us: 
  • Players will be able to upload the last 5 minutes of their gameplay using multiple platforms such as Youtube. Additionally you can specificy which section you want to record by saying the phrase "Xbox, Record"
  • Kinect 2 will be able differentiate which player is holding the controller and can automatically adjust settings to that player's profile. For example if player 2 prefers inverted aiming it will automatically adjust setting the moment the players holds the controller in his or hands hands. 
  • Kinect 2 will also be able to detect BMI (Body Mass Index) and facial features which will help create the ideal avatar. 
  • Facial expressions will also be able to update your avatar status. For example, if you're frustrated the avatar will act frustrated and if you are happy it will act happy, etc...
These features are also known as baseline features meaning the developer will have the choice to integrate them or not. Look forward to more Xbox One news later this summer. 


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