Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3) Review

After years and years of battling hordes of enemies, Tecmo Koei continues pumping out Dynasty Warrior games like no tomorrow. Now with its 8th chapter installment is there some edge left in this franchise or has it completely worn out?

Let it be known that Dynasty Warriors is the bestselling franchise from Keoi and for good reason. The hack and slash genre was barely heard of until it introduced it to the masses. Managing and leading a Chinese army into battle never felt as intense as Dynasty Warriors. All of what makes the franchise great is still here. Combat and attacking feels spot on and watching your enemies fumble at your mercy is still as fun as ever.  Adding to the mix is the ambition mode which gives player the freedom of choosing a character and starting their own empire. It’s a good addition that should extend the game time especially when trying to unlock new abilities.

Swords and weapons are found in abundance in Dynasty Warriors 8. Axes, pikes, arrows, and more all add to the variety ways you can dispose your enemies. Each one of them also has their own feel and attack pattern which opens room for strategy.  As expected horses also make an appearance because who doesn’t like  horses and devouring enemies at the same time?

The story mode can now also be experienced online. This feature was lacking in the previous Dynasty Warrior game and is a great addition especially for fans who wish to experience the Dynasty Warriors history and culture around the world. It also makes Dynasty Warriors 8 a slightly more challenging game which should surprise fans of the series. Fans that are familiar with the franchise’s soundtrack will undoubtedly enjoy this one.

Graphics on the other hand are still lacking. The visuals barely look appealing at all and at times it feels like you’re playing a good looking PS2 game.  But visuals in Dynasty Warriors never played a big role to begin with. In the end it was always about quantity over quality. Dynasty Warriors 8 may not have reinvented the wheel but its rich content, online story mode, and addictive gameplay will definitely keep you going for days on end. The battlefield has never felt this good.



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