Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bahrain Indie Game, The Survivalist, gets its first trailer

The Survivalist was a game that I certainly enjoyed watching at the last Bahrain Game Dev meeting. The creator, Hussain Altajer, only showed off bits and pieces of it. What was shown seemed promising--especially coming from Bahrain. Hussein has finally released a short teaser which you can check out below.

While the teaser doesn't offer much in terms of gameplay, it is the first time we see signs of co-op. It only shows how the sprites are actually digital actors of the developer and his friend.

One thing that sets this game truly apart is its environment. Nearly every bit of the background is taken from Bahrain showing players around the world Jan Burger (Google it) and giving it the recognition it deserves.

Look forward to more Bahrain Game Developer news in the coming weeks.


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