Friday, May 17, 2013

Racing: A Google Chrome Experiment Video demonstration

It's pretty obvious that Google is now  interested in entering the gaming scene, though not in the way one might expect. We've seen one of their previous entries, Google Maze, work via Chrome browser and now it  seems their newest entry, Racer, is following the same direction.

Racer allows you to cross play with any mobile platform as long as their running Chrome browser. The idea is once the game is set up you will be able to align mobile devices (up to 5 players) together to form one massive track. The video I created below illustrates this feature.

The best part is you can play this game right now on your mobile device. Keep in mind that it only works on mobile devices that can support chrome browser.

You know it's kinda funny. I feel that Google may be on track on fixing one of the biggest issues we have in the gaming industry: console wars. No longer will we have to debate on whats stronger or whose got the better exclusives. As long as your device can run said application your welcome to the party regardless of your hardware preference. I like that idea but certainly needs to have more...experiments. 


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