Sunday, April 14, 2013

Xbox live is down but seems to be slowly coming back

Microsoft's Xbox Live service is no longer live. Many gamers around the world (including I) have not been able to login and access their Xbox Live service or profile. Attempting to access your account on a web browser will result in the following error screen.

Oh, well...
Gamers have reported that they've been experiencing connection problems since Thursday, with games like Minecraft barely playable.

Here's the official word from Microsoft
Dear Xbox friends, we know that it’s a struggle right now to send and receive messages, see friends’ statuses, send and receive game and party invites, and accept friend requests on Xbox LIVE. We want you to know that we’re diligently working on getting everything back on the up and up. You’re being so patient with us, and we really appreciate that! We’ll update you again in 30 minutes!
Now the question everyone must be thinking is: was this an attack because of the 'always on Xbox' rumor? The answer: probably not. Xbox servers seem to be slowly coming back and Anonymous have so far not taken any responsibility for the attack.
While it may not be as bad as the PSN outage it's still a solid reminder of how an always online system can go terribly terribly wrong.


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