Sunday, April 28, 2013

Watch Dogs special edition info leaks

We all knew this was coming. A special edition for the GTA Hack Sim (I made that up by the way), Watch Dogs, has been leaked on the net. Oh, the irony.

The special edition will feature an additional single-player mission called Breakthrough Mission Pack. Based on the description you will need run around the city to take out scrambles as well as do a bit of espionage work such as taking photographs. If you do manage to complete mission you will be awarded with a Vehicle Expert perk which will grant free wheels and discounts on exclusive cars.

All this sounds good and all but at the same time I feel worried. This whole generation went through a lot of heat thanks to over bloated "Special Editions". AAA companies need to cut down and focus their budget on the game itself not on the potential that someone will pay extra cash for perks. I guess I'm rambling on too much but I just companies learn a lesson or two before jumping on the next gen bandwagon.


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