Monday, April 8, 2013

Torkaizer is the first big budget Anime to come from the Middle East

I don't usually post anime on my blog but this deserves recognition.

Alter Ego Production, a studio based in Abu Dhabi, will be releasing it's first official Anime called Torkaizer. A trailer was officially unveiled at MEFC (Middle East Film & Comicon) and judging from the quality, it seems to be matching the ones straight out of Japan. Torkaizer will also be dubbed in Arabic and Japanese.

The Middle East's first Anime!! The story of Torkaizer revolves around Ahmed, a normal Emirati young man who finds himself in a life-and-death situation while on vacation! An alien invasion hits Tokyo and all hope is lost, but through a twist of fate, Ahmed finds Torkaizer and goes against all odds to unite everyone and defend earth against these space monsters!
Looking further I discovered Alter Ego Production was created by the hands of anime and gamer lovers alike. The future of anime seems bright in the Arab region.    


I am proud. As simple as that.

Its a very promising 'first', and we hope more coming from Alter Ego, both as fellow anime fan and fellow gamers. While its not the first non-Japanese anime (like First Squad which is Russian-Japan collaboration), its still unbelievably refreshing.

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