Monday, April 1, 2013

The Arab Gamer brings 'Giant Bomb' to the Middle East *Update*

After years of planning, hard work, and bouncing emails, The Arab Gamer (yours truly) will be teaming up with gaming industry giant…Giant Bomb!

“I’ve always been a fan Jeff’s work since I was a kid” said me “I remember the days of visiting and just reading all his DBZ game reviews…they were super inspirational! Learning that I will actually be working with him makes me so excited that I just want to grab a table and flip it! Or or maybe find a dinosaur and…” The Arab Gamer continued to babble on hysterically as though he was possessed by an old Japanese hot dog vendor.

Jeff and I having a serious discussion over FaceTime
As for Jeff Gerstmann, this is what he had to say “Go away! Actually, can you mail me some kebabs?”

Oh, Jeff. So full of love. So feel of feeling. Now all of that will spread over our region like butter on an onion.  


April fools, dawg.  


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