Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gamecube adapter for Wii U will solve your smash brothers woes

With every new Nintendo console comes change, but some of us hate that. Take the Gamecube controller for example: we all love it to bits just because of how well it works with games like Smash Bothers. The Wii U unfortunately does not support the Gamecube controller, I mean the fact the Wii supported it was a blessing in disguise. But lets not give up just yet. Thanks to a company called May Flash, we may finally be able to play the new Smash Brothers the way we want.

The GC adapter for Wii/WiiU works just how it sounds like. It's an adapter that plugs in via WiiMote slot and allows you to use the GC controller instead of Wii classic controller. It even has a turbo button. The only issue is the compatibility scale. While it does say Wii U support, I'm not sure how far. The fact that you're plugging it the WiiMote suggests that it only accepts input for games that support the Wii Classic Pro controller and not necessarily the Wii U pro controller. It also may not support vibration functionality but that's not a major deal breaker for me. 

You can order your copy here if you're interested--it's the cheapest one I found that's internationally friendly. If it does work, that's good. Whatever happens I hope that Nintendo is watching this so they may hopefully release an official adapter, or better yet, a fully compatible wireless GC controller for the Wii U. 


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