Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PC) Review

Let’s face it. The moment Far cry 3 blood dragon began circulating the net we all believed it was a joke. I mean who in their right minds would take this seriously? Well the joke’s on us as the game turned to be quite real but is it a worthy addition to the far cry franchise or it simply a joke gone too far?

The future is so cool! 

It’s plot, if you would call it that, takes places in the future er umm the past…2007 version of the 80’s? Anyways it revolves around a man named Rex 'Power' Colt an ex soldier turned cyber commando. Sent to a desolated island with this partner spider you are tasked with stopping Sloan, a mad man bent on starting nuclear war. Despite its quirkiness Blood Dragon takes its plot quite seriously which it makes it hilarious at the same time.

While the game does sport a fresh coat of paint Blood Dragon is still Far Cry 3 at its heart. Gameplay is practically the same with very minute changes. Instead of pirates it’s cyber soldiers, instead of camps its fortresses, instead of a pistol it’s robocops gun, and instead of animals it’s...cyborg animals. If you jumped on the assumption that Blood Dragon is a fancy mod then I suppose you're right. But that doesn't necessarily means it lacks quality. Level design, enemies, guns, and even those awesome cyborg hand animations all look spectacular.  There are of course a few exclusions: the island is a lot smaller, no crafting feature, and aside from leader boards there’s practically no online mode.

Run to the hills

Blood Dragon does bring new things to the table most notably the blood dragons themselves. These guys are vicious and extremely deadly. Approaching them alone is unwise, especially without a strategy. Did I mention they fire 'freakin' lazer beams out their eyes?! Two shots and its lights out. 

You can however also use them to your advantage. Collecting cyber hearts from your dead foes will allow you to use them as bait to attract blood dragons.  If used properly they can become a wild card when dealing with hordes of enemies and capturing fortresses. Overall I feel fighting them is where most of the fun happens.  It requires planning and puts your skills to the test. The feeling can be similarily described to the Monster Hunter games. Thus it kinda breaks my heart to lean there is no online mode as this could’ve really made dealing with dragon more fun.  

Retro vision

Unlike the fresh and colorful Far Cry 3, Blood Dragon sports an 80’s version of the future with tron like visuals and everything. Enemies sprout blue goo and guns light up like pulse riffles. While the first few hours look cool the overuse of blue, red, and occasionally green lighting sort of gets a bit old.

The 80's: where lazer 'pew pews' were born
What doesn't get get old is the soundtrack. It's hands down one of the best VG tracks to come out in a while with beats really brings out the glorious retro B-movie synth. The voice acting is exceptionally well done with Michael Bien stealing the show that brings the cheesy dialogue to life. 

Ending with a bang

The main worry I have with blood dragon is its heavy reliance on nostalgia. If you’re a fan of, or were born in the decade, then you will mostly likely find Blood Dragon quite amusing. If you aren't then you may not get the full immersion that it's trying to offer you. But even then, Blood Dragon is still a solid shooter that justifies it's 15 dollar price tag. Even with a 4 hour campaign, the extra side missions, weapon upgrades, nostalgia humor, and blood dragons will keep you going and for a while. 



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