Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Earthbound is coming to the Virtual English!

For the first time since 1995, Earthbound will officially be re-released on the virtual console in English. Huzzah! The game has been available for a while on Japan's Wii U virtual console. NA and EU users on the other hand got jack. Using Miiverse, fans have found new outlet to vent their frustration...again. Only this time it worked. Nintendo was charmed by the response and thought...why not let's give them what they want?

Really? I mean sending letters, remix tracks, and fan art for years didn't do the trick...but this suddenly gets the green light? Well, I'm not complaining. But I do wish we had a release date.

Thank you, fans! (Image from Kotaku)
Earthbound is hands down one of the most beloved games I've ever played, but sadly I never owned an SNES. To think that I'll actually be playing it again puts me in very very good mood. Fuzzy pickles, dog. 


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