Thursday, March 21, 2013

Did Google just make its first actual game?

Looks like we have a new kid on the block. The guys at Google are off with their usual shagginess of testing and experimenting apps on us petty humans. This time it's a videogame. Okay, Google. Now you got my attention.

True, Google has attempted at creating games using its logo but now we're look at an actual dedicated web app dubbed 'Google Maze'. Don't get too wind up. It's a very basic titling ball game (oh, God!) except this one lets you turn websites into tables. Adding to that you'll have the option of turning your phone into (sort of) a Wii U gamepad that uses phone's accelerometer to manipulate the table and the screen as a mini map.

[click to enlarge]

Works on both Andriod and iOS. Just make sure they're running Chrome
Seeing as how this is a Google product, I suggest you try the game now before it gets put down. Happy web surfing...err...balling? 


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