Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mega Man Lego might become a thing

A user by the name of Alatariel has pitched an idea to LEGO to have an actual Mega Man Lego set made. 
This project is based on the classic old school Nintendo® NES game MegaMan (RockMan in Japan). This game, made by Capcom, has great nostalgic value and deserves a tribute in LEGO®! The designs are based on my favorite of the series: MegaMan 2. 
So far the sets shows Metal Man, Bubble Man, and Wood Man (personal favorite) stages as well some Legofied bosses.

The number is shy of reaching a 1000 so make sure to visit the page here and give it as much support as possible. It's quick, easy, and doesn't need to take any of your wallet paper.

Thanks to Capcom_Unity Twitter for Sharing. 


This is brilliant! Imagine all the stage designs you could come up with!

I was more thinking on the lines of the Legends series. The servbots would fit right in.

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