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Monday, February 27, 2012

PSVITA Video Review

PSVITA finally hit store shelves and after almost a week of playing it, I must say, it's a beautiful creature. A Creature that tends to have hypnotic powers because you honestly have trouble taking your eyes of this thing. While it ain't no giant crab, it definitely has its weak spots.

In case you were also interested here are some extra points I have regarding this sleek double nipple device.

+ Games are region free
+ Allows 3G connection
+ Online friend list/PSNhas much more depth than 3DS.

- Battery is weak and can only charge and play via power
- PSONE games do not currently work.

- Cross Play feature is nice but you have to buy both PSVITA and PS3 version. EX: UMVC3

For anyone wondering if this device can be hacked: At the moment no, and it seems not for a while due to Sony's extra anti-piracy measures.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Episode 1: Gaming from the Arab World.

Here it is in all its amateur glory.