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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fly me "To The Moon"...?

This blog site is not anywhere near ready but I got bored of designing and thought of sharing this. I've been scouring my usual gaming sites and reading up on all the recent big shot awards of the year. As expected, we got the usual suspects ranging from Uncharted 3, Arkham City, Skyrim, Deus Ex (which sadly didn't get too many awards) BUT THEN, out of nowhere, Gamespot awarded this game with the best story of year.

Errrmmm, okay? The game follows a group of scientiests who venture into an old man's mind as they travel through his memories to deliver his final wish - sounds pretty deep. Storytelling in gaming is a very hard thing to do right, the only two games to have made me feel a strong connection to the story were Earthbound and Final Fantasy 7.

Man, those sprites really put me in a good mood to play Chrono Trigger.Well, If the trailer proves anything is it's attention on telling a heart warming story. I am not a big indie gamer since there are so many of them and there is barely anytime to go through them all, yet alone expect a "great quality experience". However, I am willing to give this one a go. It's 10 dollars (3.7 BD) and can be grabbed here. Sounds reasonable to me. I'll let you guys know how it is once I get the chance to play it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Under Construction

Welcome to my unfinished blog, you might noticed some erratic things going on here, that's just me setting up the site so please ignore them. I am aiming to show you (the people of the web) an interesting perspective on how gaming is veered in the Arab world through an Arab gamer. I will also be giving out my personal opinion on certain "things" in the gaming world.  I can't tell you much right now, but I will once I get there. Till then, hang on, game on, and do whatever you do...but make sure to come back later, m'kay?